Web & Email

Email Marketing

Email campaigns are a great way to give your online marketing efforts a boost. Use email marketing to reach your audience and bring them back to your website.

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Web Design

Our award winning web designers will create a professional, unique and custom design for your website. The site will be easy to navigate, fast-loading, and will be the start to a great online experience.

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Search Engine Optimization

As a part of any new project, we look at search engine optimization techniques right from the start. There are many strategies that we can incorporate at the time of creating the new website. Make sure your website is easily found in the search engines!

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Website Statistics

There are many website statistics tracking systems available. We will help you read and interpret your website statistics. Very often, the statistics will uncover new opportunities, provide insight into how people are using your website, and will help you make future business decisions.

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Web Development

While we are proud of our awards for web design, a professional website also requires a well-thought out framework. We will build a solid foundation to make future additions and updates easier and more cost effective.

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Content Management Systems

We understand that your restaurant is likely to have daily specials and frequent menu changes. We have a content management system that allows you to control the information on your website. Of course, if you are busy and don't have the time, we are happy help with any of your website updates and changes.

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Not sure where to start? We offer website consulting services where we evaluate your website and provide recommendations on how to improve your web presence.

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First Impressions Matter

Your website is the first experience a person will have with your restaurant. Are you making a positive first impression?

Your success depends on a great menu, fast and courteous service, and an outstanding dining experience. This experience should start with a positive first impression on your website.

RSM has the expertise to creative an engaging web presence for your restaurant. A successful web presence is more than just a pretty picture. It is about the entire online experience.

RSM goes beyond the design of a website, we assist with the entire online marketing process.